Innovation in Teaching and Learning

  • Since the year 1997 I promoted, together with other teachers, the Grup d’Innovació Docent en Organització d’Empreses, GIDOE (Teaching and Learning Innovation Group at Business Organization). Since the year 2008 have been recognised as consolidated by the University of Barcelona, with code 2008GIDCUB/47.Arise with the purpose to contribute to improve Teaching and Learning at university by methodological innovations that allow to the students –of any education– incorporate, relate and assimilate concepts of business and economy, trying bring close the theory and professional practice. You can browse all the activities, projects, research and actions at our web.

    The lines of this groups are:

  • research in competitions, and the motivation of the students and faculty members
  • development of the teaching teams,
  • work with cases and simulations,
  • mentoring and tutoring to higher education students
  • application; of strategies of education limned with Learning Based in Problems (PBL) to classroom
  • analyse and put in practical of the credits ECTS establishing suitable methodologies for teaching in business issues