Master in Sports Management

Master in Economic Management of Sport Entities ( twentyeight edition, from 1991)

The purpose of this program is to initiate those in charge of the management in the diverse economic areas specific of the organizations dedicated to the sport. We aim to strengthen the knowledge of those professionals who already work, facilitating the analysis of problems, decision making and future actions in the areas of responsibility and direction.

Other additional objectives pursued in the course are: identifying and quantifying costs and their use as an instrument and guide for the internal management of the company.

In a friendly, rigorous and systematic manner, the various sessions will be taught by teachers who are experts in the themes and relevant guests of the sector who complete the teaching staff of the course.

Master in Sports Business Management (tenth  edition, from 2008)

The master’s degree in Sport Business Management is designed to provide students from different fields of study related to economics and sport with the skills to become business leaders in the sector. Students who successfully complete the programme will be capable of managing public and private sports enterprises and will have the technical knowledge for solid, effective professional practice.

The degree programme also aims to foster an entrepreneurial spirit for the creation of new companies linked to this sector.

Upon completion of the programme, students will understand the key factors involved in the management of a private or public sports business.