Academic subjects expertise

The academic teaching and subjects imparted at the last years (2015-2020) have been what lists every tracked. The teaching is one of my passions, at what have had to renounce partly for the assignments of management that have assumed. I procure not abandoning the teaching, in spite of having an important charge for management and procure not continuing publishing.

Teaching in master’s programs

Màster in Sports Management
– Business and negotiation analysis. Entreprenurship.
– Seminars
– Master dissertation (Tutorials)

Master in management and administration of libraries and information services
– Human resources management

Master in cultural management
– Organization of cultural and leisure services organizations

Master in research in business, finance and insurance
– Organizational structure, behavior and business development

Teaching in grades

Grade in information and documentation
– Theory of organization

Grade in business administration and management
– Business creation workshop

The Màster en Gestió Econòmica d’Entitats Esportives, since 28 years ago. It is the pioneering program at this training at all the state, and are proud to be able to continue offering a nurture of quality since the university and at public price.

The Màster de Direcció d’Empreses de l’Esport it has the principal aim to qualify students of several surveys related with the economics and the sport so that they can reach direct entities of this sector. Besides, the màster also pretends to foster the spirit entrepreneur for the creation of companies linked at this sector.

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