University active positions

Since 1987 I have developing some tasks at the University doing teaching, research and management activities. In this page I’m  I would like to summarize some of those, that consider highlighted and worthiest:

I highlight my professional experiences, in the UB and at several institutions and companies, always with a  university link .

Two projects, with high management at witch I’m involved and committed nowadays:

Referent to Management and research in education: the Institute for the Professional Development – Institute of Sciences of the Education. Since the May of 2017 I’m involve as director of this institute.

Linked to research and management, I would like to highlight the Faculty of doctors at University of Barcelona. I’ve been member of the board from some years, and nowadays I’m developing my activity as a vice-president.

Since 2019 I have accepted the responsibility of being member of board of the Foundation IL3, Elected member of “Claustre” of the UB since 2012 and member of the Board of governance of the University of Barcelona since 2017.