Institute for a Professional Development (IDP-ICE)

The Institute of Professional Development, before 2018 was Institute of Education Sciences (ICE) of the University of Barcelona was created long ago, in 1969. Today it is still a fully active institute, which as a mission pursues the professional development of teachers. Since may 2017 I have been part as a director. From 2009 I have been deputy director.

The IDP-ICE carries out the functions together with the faculties and university schools, departments, university institutes of investigation and other units of the University. It also develops activities in collaboration with other institutions, administrations and public or private organizations through collaboration agreements. It is specially dedicated to the improvement of the teaching staff of all levels of the educational system, to research, innovation and pedagogical renewal. You can browse the IDP website at this link, to know more which activities we are promoting.

Some decrees and laws establish their willingness to be at the service of the intellectual and cultural training of people engaged in educational tasks. It is done with a permanent encouragement, a guidance and analysis of the university’s own work, with one aim: perfecting and improving performance.